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This is the premise that drives the success of our program. We strive to pursue excellence in the community, on the court and in the classroom. We encourage our athletes to participate in higher level course work such as AP classes, GT classes and honors courses. Within our program, we run a Big Sister/Little Sister mentorship in which the varsity players work with their JV and Freshmen team counterparts. We provide a study hall every day after school (in season and out of season) and provide opportunities for our athletes to meet with teachers and NHS tutors to stay on top of their studies. 


Outside of the season, we meet with the players bi-weekly to check on grades and provide assistance as needed.  This also provides another opportunity for our girls to stay connected to each other to continue to build our family environment.

The Reservoir girls volleyball team, from the freshman team to the varisty team, holds not only themselves but one another accountable in all aspects of school work and athletics.  Constantly pushing themselves has created a legacy for our volleyball team that ensures that any girl who steps foot on the court will succeed in every aspect of school life.


The girls are asked to set goals, both on the court and off, at the beginning of the season that they strive for throughout their playing time. It is these goals that allow them to elevate themselves in their classroom settings and prove they are more than volleyball players during the season.


The Reservoir girls volleyball team is nothing short of amazing when it comes to their character, confidence and academic ability. With all of these abilities instilled into one team, it has allowed us to rise above challenges and conquer things that we never thought possible. We have no plan on stopping anytime soon as we continue to hold the 3A state championship title. However, this is only the beginning as our program is taking off at a speed only known to those who are willing to put in the effort and work. The same effort and work that this team has accomplished and will continue to prove.  ALWAYS:  FAMILY, SCHOOL, VOLLEYBALL! 


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We expect a high level of commitment from everyone involved with RHS Girls Volleyball.


Whether you are an athlete, Coach or a parent of a student-athlete, we expect all players and parents to maintain a positive image that reflects highly of the RHS Gator Girls volleyball program.

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