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Volleyball Booklet Order Form

In its second year, the RHS Volleyball booklet boosts season highlights, business sponsorships, athlete profiles, and creates a fun memento for athletes and parents.​

  • For parents & players, you can choose to place an order; depending on your order choice, this will include your athlete's name, number, a note from parents or family members, and design elements.  

  • For Businesses, this is a great opportunity to give back to the community. 100% of the profits received are given back to the team. Your ad will be seen by players, parents, and school staff. In addition, your logo will be placed on our website. You will be giving the team the funds needed to cover expenses such as training equipment, travel, food expenses, tournaments, team apparel, and other uniform items. Your ad, depending on your order choice will include your business information and other graphic elements of your choice.

  • Printing Sponsor: We are in desperate need of a printing sponsor, the sponsor could either print the program or cover the cost for printing. We're unsure of the cost at this time, but could be anywhere between $500.00 or higher. The printing sponsor would receive a full-page ad on the first page of the booklet and be represented on our website, and e-newsletters.


To get started, fill out the order form below. You wanna check out last year's program? Click here to view 2022-2023 Volleyball Booklet. 

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